Friday, November 23, 2012

2 Christopher Cross records not played

Christopher Cross - two records.   I report here that neither of these two records shown above were played Wednesday night at our (now) Annual Black (for Vinyl) Wednesday Open House and Record Party.  Back in the day, of course Thanksgiving Eve was the most epic night of the year for hitting the local bars.  Uppitties, Hull's, Ricky D's, etc.  (not in that order).  But as we get older - rather than venturing out on "Amateur Night," Nancy I threw a party.  It was great!  Tom was brave enough to bring a box of his records over to play and he quickly mastered the mixing board, and two turntables.  Tom, Kristie, and a few others took turns DJ'ing.  They did a great job and it was great me not having to Man the Tunes all evening.  It was so much fun - what a great group too.  Nancy and I SO lucky!  Neighbors Rich and Nora, Jim and Caroline.  College pals, hometown Riverside pals.  And just as we were winding things down around 11 pm, I had just fired down what had become the molten stereo receiver - in roll a small clatch of staffers from exotic food emporium Standard Market.  So - that meant back downstairs, fired things back up, and roll out another couple of hours of tunes.  On Thanksgiving, I was dreading re-filing all the records back into their correct jackets and I could not believe what a great job everyone did getting all but one record back correctly!  Thanks everyone, and to all a good night...

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