Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Robert Fripp - Exposure

Robert Fripp - Exposure.

Although I certainly have the right to post this record and comment about it, I really have no business doing so.  That is because Robert Fripp is so far our of my league.  I was on the outer fringes of this sort of music.  I could hang out during a Session with Roxy (and solo Ferry), some  early Genesis (Trespass), King Crimson, and Bowie.  But when a Fripp and/or Eno record came out - things were going to get a bit serious.  I would duck out and knew is was time to try to find a off campus party.  Staying in a dorm room on a Saturday night to play a 5 hour game of Risk, set to the background music of Fripp was not my scene.  Actually - I was (thankfully) not really invited to Sessions of that intensity.  This very select group of my college pals I think majored in Frippertronics.  Frippertronics "was a specific tape looping technique used by Robert Fripp.  It evolved from a system of tape looping originally developed in the electronic music studios of the early 1960s that was first used by composers Terry Riley and Pauline Oliveros and made popular through its use in ambient music by composer Brian Eno."  This record of course is Exposure.   Exposure is a rock music solo album by guitarist Robert Fripp, best known as the only constant member of the progressive rock band King Crimson.  Released in 1979, it peaked at #79 on the Billboard Album Chart.  Lyrics were mostly provided by Joanna Walton, a poet and girlfriend of Fripp's, who in 1988 was a passenger killed in the destruction of Pan Am Flight 103.   Fripp assembles a broad range of helpers here: Gabriel, Phil Collins, Darryl Hall, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta, Narada Michael Walden - and of course - Eno.

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