Monday, November 26, 2012

UFO: Obsession

Got this one recently for fifty cents at the Half Priced Books store near where I live.  If you live near me - don't go there and bogart these cool records.  That's MY source.  Just kidding.  Really - have at it, but to score the choice fifty centers - you'll have to get down and dirty and work for them.  The record shelves are literally on the floor of the place and you will have to thumb through lots of commons, musicals, opera, and spoke word records.  I did not do my best job on the photo merge of this record.  The sizing is way off.  Speaking of this record, it is titled Obsession, by of course: UFO.  It is the seventh album by the British rock band UFO.  It was released in 1978.  It is the follow-up to their smashc record, Lights Out.  And this was the final studio album to feature Michael Schenker on lead guitar until he returned to the band in 1993.  A single from this album, "Only You Can Rock Me" / "Cherry", was also released in 1978.  So too was the band's first 3-track EP "Only You Can Rock Me", "Cherry" / "Rock Bottom", reaching No. 50 in the UK.  2008 EMI's remastered edition includes 3 bonus live tracks, and also some writing credits are corrected.  And speaking of EP's I bought a dozen of them (also for fifty cents) yesterday.

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  1. "Only You Can Rock Me", yes, that is a quintessential 70's rock song!


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