Monday, December 3, 2012

Crime of the Century, with Recording Engineer Ken Scott producing

An interesting note from recording engineer Ken Scott's book:  "With Crime of the Century, we knew on several levels what we'd achieved. One of the things was how good we actually managed to get it on vinyl.  A&M was distributed by CBS in Europe at the time (1974), and we talked the label into putting the release through its classical division, which had much better vinyl and took greater care in manufacturing.  As a result,the first pressing run of Crime of the Century was absolutely phenomenal.  The problem was that as it became successful they couldn't continue to keep pressing it through that classical division because of expense, so it then went through the pop department and boom, immediately a lot of the quality was lost."   ~ from author Ken Scott, page 245 of hos book,  "Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust, off the record with the BEATLES, Bowie, Elton, and so much more.

My copy appears to be an original pressing issue...

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  1. Interesting, the the 2 types of pressings, as when I was a sophomore at Wash U, a guy down the hall would blast this album, especially "Bloody Well Right" and man did it sound great! I didn't get my copy of the album for a coupla years, so I must have the dingy version!


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