Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Pal Jack - Record Shopping in Greece, with a great Bryan Ferry find

OK, I have to post this.  My dear pal Jack was out and about at some flea market in - Greece?  They have those in swanky parts of Greece I guess.  Who knew?  So Jack sees this awesome Bryan Ferry record album - a highly unique copy of it too, it's the one with the gatefold that opens.  Jack has his picture taken holding the opened copy of These Foolish Things - which by the way - he failed to purchase.   And Jack correctly emailed me this:  "Curt, as you know, the US version didn't have this!"  meaning the opening gatefold.  Thanks, Jack - but next time, but the thing and I will reimburse you for it.

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  1. Jack, Jack, Jack. That strategic blunder would have earned you a well-deserved penalty slide in the Spawning Room. I would have expected you to slip the album beneath your shirt and stumble out of there, reminicent of a certain Muddy Waters photo acquired from a blues joint on the north side of Chicago. Perhaps many years spent on the Left Coast eating sushi has made you soft. UPDATE: B. Gallas has arrived in Greece and is searching for the tasty Ferry disc as I type this missive. Details to follow.


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