Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cat Stevens: Foreigner, with two covers

Same record - two different colored covers.  I dug around - and can't seem to find any info on why this record was released with two different colored album covers.   The blue one - with the color photo is quite possibly very rare.  I could find no photos of this jacket - in blue.  Interesting.   Wiki explains...

"Foreigner is an album released by English singer-songwriter, Cat Stevens in July 1973.  Stevens additionally named the album Foreigner, because he took up residency in Brazil as a tax exile. He recorded Foreigner in Jamaica. On 9 November 1973, Stevens performed the song on ABC's In Concert, a 90–minute program they named the Moon & Star, including the full 18 minute "Foreigner Suite" without commercial interruption.  Although Foreigner sold well, with the album reaching #3 on both sides of the Atlantic, it was not favorably reviewed, and its release was not followed by a tour.  In addition to the minor hit "The Hurt", which received a moderate amount of airplay, Foreigner also included such songs as "100 I Dream" and the 18-minute-long "Foreigner Suite", which took up the entirety of side one.

    Yet at the pinnacle of Stevens' success with four consecutive platinum and gold albums: Mona Bone JakonTea for the TillermanTeaser and the Firecat, and Catch Bull at Four, Stevens had a dedicated audience and fan base who wanted more. However, he himself thought his music too predictable, leaving him in a creative rut.  He decided to write and produce this - his next album himself, surprising many others, given that Alun Davies, his close friend and first guitar in his backing band, and his producer, Paul Samwell-Smith in particular, were instrumental in assisting Stevens to form the definitive signature sound that had brought Stevens to the height of his stardom.  Seeking an alternative, he focused on the kinds of music that had begun to inspire him, which he heard on the radio: R&B music - such as Stevie Wonder and The Blue Notes - which included Teddt Pendergrass."

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