Friday, January 11, 2013

Funky Friday! with Gavin Christopher

I used to play a fun Gavin Christopher song at many parties back in the day - post-college.  It was sort of post-disco techno-pop, with heavy does of sampling and highly synthesized - but not quite rap. It was called One Step Closer (to you).  But unfortunately - neither of these two records shown above that I own have that song on either of them.  Here is what wiki says about this song.  Note: I totally disagree that the song is a close facsimile to Michael Jackson's The Way You Make me Feel.  "One Step Closer to You" is a 1986 hit by noted R&B/Hip-hop singersongwriterproducer Gavin Christopher.  The song became Gavin's biggest solo hit, cracking the top-ten on theDance charts and the top 25 on both the Pop and R&B charts.  It remains his biggest hit to date.  The basic rhythm structure, bass-line, and tempo of the song bare a striking similarity to that of Michael Jackson's hit, "The Way You Make Me Feel" from his Bad album. Rumor has it that Jackson so liked the backing on "One Step Closer to You" that he reproduced it for his song.

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