Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Osmonds Live: Double Live Album

Happy 2013 loyal readers and fans.  Many of you know that I am fascinated (obsessed?) with the Double Live Album format.  I saw this record yesterday in the fifty cent bin at Half Price Books, a store near where I live.  So I bought it to add to my growing collection of DLA's - even if the group is not in my wheelhouse.  The Osmonds put this out in 1972. 

This is the review from www.almusic.com:  "Recorded before "Crazy Horses" established the Osmonds as the biggest scream dream since the heyday of the Beatles, Osmonds Live is nevertheless a solid document of Osmania at its most delirious.  With audiences less choreographed and malleable than they would become in later years (a downside of the subsequent Around the World live album), this is the sound of teenaged mania at its purest and its rawest, a never-ending barrage of screaming, keening ecstasy that is already peaking before the band even takes the stage, and continues on its merry, maddening way long after the last roadie has left the building.  The Motown medley so poorly delivered on the Osmonds album opens the show with all the pizzazz that its studio incarnation was lacking; further medleys later in the set capture the band hitting gospel and (briefly) rock & roll with equally passion.  In between times, meanwhile, a barely audibleDonny squeaks gallantly through his hit "Sweet and Innocent," while "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" and "Proud Mary" both get energetic workouts.  Of course, the hits-to-date wrap things up in triumphant style -- and the girls just keep on squealing. It's an awesome sound."

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