Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Derek and the Dominos - Got to Get Better in a Little While

This is a 45 RPM, disguised as an LP.  I think from the photo I took, with really no object as a reference, it is quite deceiving   But trust me, it's a 45.  It even has the small spindle hole, not the large one that most 45's have.  I bought it new, and it's a new, re-pressing.  I bought it mainly for the great song Got to Get Better in a Little While.  Eric Clapton wrote that song during his Layla period, and played it with his band at the time; Derek and the Dominos.   Got to Get Better in a Little While did not make it onto the double studio album, called Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs.  But Derek and the Dominos did play an awesome version of it on the fine DLA, called "In Concert."  That double live album is one of the best ever made.  It's in my top five.   It was from concerts at the Fillmore East, in 1970, but the record did not come out until 1973.  On this live record - the song comes in at a whopping 14-plus minutes.  Also on that DLA, Let it Rain is over 17 minutes.  And Blues Power is also over 17 minutes.  But back to Get Better in a Little While.  Eric unearthed that song recently, playing it with a one-off power trio during the 12/12/12 Concert for Sandy.  The trio is EC along with Willie Weeks and Steve Jordan.  Try this:

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