Friday, February 8, 2013

The Smithereens: Especially For You, and Kurt Cobain

The Smithereens.  This might not be my kind of band, but that won't prevent this record from appearing here.  I thought there were from the UK.  But - upon further review; they hail from New Jersey - which is not a bad place to be from, musically.  I had no idea about this group or this album - so I had to go over to wiki to see their entry.  I know my local and loyal readers here would rather read here what I write and think.  So before using the wiki crutch - here is what I think of them:  they capture (reflect?) the era in which they made music ('80's to part of the '90's).  They have a bit of the Outfield sound in their songwriting style. That is: lush vocal arrangements, clean pocket drumming, major power chords, catchy lyrics, and highly-polished production.  They are not a jam band.  I would guess they listened to The Cars growing up.   The LP of their that I own (above) is Especially for You ...

"it is the first full-length album from New Jersey-based rock band The Smithereens.  The album is notable for the hit "Blood and Roses", which has been featured in multiple movie and TV productions. Producer Don Dixon's co-production work on R.E.M.'s Murmur and Reckoning albums added attention to the record's initial release. The album today is highly regarded by most critics, (WHO KNEW????) and was one of Kurt Cobain's favorite albums, as noted in his journal.  The song "Blood and Roses" was used: as the theme song from the 1986 movie Dangerously Close.  In "Duty and Honor", a 1987 episode of the TV series Miami Vice.  And in the 1997 movie Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.  The title and lyrics to the song "In A Lonely Place" were inspired by and adapted from the 1950 film "In A Lonely Place," starring Humphrey Bogart and directed by Nicholas Ray...."

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  1. Oh for the days of hearing a then new song such as "A Girl Like You"....and wondering, "That sounds like a new band, who is it?" So few new rock songs are heard anew on the radio nowadays...


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