Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blood Sweat and Tears: Brand New Day, featuring David Clayton-Thomas

Blood Sweat & Tears: Brand New Day, featuring David Clayton-Thomas.   I fear that this record came out well past this tremendous group's prime.  But I could be wrong.  Any record by a known band with the word "featuring" spells trouble.  Styx - featuring Dennis DeYoung...?   I bet there are some other records where that naming convention is used.  It's either a money or ego thing.  But let's see what Mr. Wiki says about this particular record.  Before that though - here's a plug the the Clive Davis book we are reading!  It's superb.  Clive mentions this group often - during his 10-year stint running Columbia Records.  Columbia stablemate Miles Davis was extremely pissed off that BST and Chicago (also on Big Red) were "ripping off his sound."  Apparently Miles thought he should be the only one allowed to play a trumpet on a Columbia record.  Per wiki, "Brand New Day is an album by the band Blood, Sweat & Tears, released in 1977. This was the band's tenth studio album and their first and only release for ABC Records.  Brand New Day was produced by (the great!) Roy Halee and former BS&T drummer Bobby Colomby.  Colomby and Halee had also co-produced the group's fourth album, Blood, Sweat & Tears 4 in 1971.  This collection failed to chart on the Billboard Album Charts in the top 200 - even though it did reach #205 under the chart.  The group's lineup stayed constant between this album and 1976's More Than Ever, with the exception of the departure of original BS&T drummer Bobby Colomby.  Colomby had been the sole remaining original member of the group at the time of his departure in 1976.  Roy McCurdy took over the drums beginning on this release.  This album has not been released on compact disc except for a brief period in Russia where the legitimacy of that release is still in question."

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