Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Bee Gees: Life in a Tin Can - the inside cover

Exhibit A.) - Why we so friggin' dig vinyl records and the album covers they come in.  Brace yourselves loyal readers: there are more Bee Gees albums coming your way.  That - and there will be much discussion of Clive Davis.  The great book we're are reading called, The Soundtrack of my Life.  (Thanks U.N.! - we love it!) Clive's first boss at Columbia Records (Goddard Lieberson) freakin' only invented the LP (bonus points if you know precisely what LP stands for) vinyl record format.  And don't get me started on Walter Yetnikoff!   More fun coming your way!  Stay tuned for details...

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  1. U.N. believes LP stands for Long Play, comparing 33 1/3 RPM albums vs the 45 and 78 formats which were much shorter in duration.


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