Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Bee Gees: Life in a Tin Can - and our new title cover album photo above

Great cover!  The Bee Gees - Life in a Tin Can.  Hey - we have a new blog title cover album up.  Anyone care to take a guess what band and or (more difficult) what record it is?   Give it a try.  I have 6-8 of their records.  Also - check out this guy on youtube - I have sampled a few of his songs.  Not sure of his name, but his channel is posturex1.  This guy plays many instruments (mostly guitar and keyboards) and sings, and records himself in song parts, and then with some type of drum track, he builds full song accompanying himself.  He sings great too.  And with technology we see in sections, the song come together.

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