Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Delbert McClinton: two records

The one on the left was featured here recently - last month I think.  But I scored the one one the right and decided to pair it up with the previous one - 1979's Keep of the Flame.   I think this guy - though I know hardly anything about him - other than he is from Texas - is one of the great song-writers of all time.   Here's a bit more on him from Available Sources:  he was born in Lubbock, Texas, but relocated with his family to Fort Worth, when he was 11.  He worked in a bar band, called The Straitjackets, who played backing to Sonny Boy Williamson IIHowlin' WolfLightnin' Hopkins, and Jimmy Reed.  McClinton recorded several regional singles before hitting the national chart in 1962, playing harmonica on Bruce Channel's "Hey! Baby."  On a subsequent package tour to the UK, he instructed John Lennon on the finer points of blues harmonica playing.  Then relocating to Los Angeles in 1972, Delbert partnered with fellow Texan, Glen Clark, to perform a combination of country and soul music.  They achieved a degree of artistic success, releasing two albums before splitting and McClinton embarked on a solo career.  Emmylou Harris had a No. 1 hit in 1978 with McClinton's composition "Two More Bottles of Wine," and his "B Movie Boxcar Blues" (a great song!) was covered on the first The Blues Brothers album, Briefcase Full of Blues.

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