Sunday, April 21, 2013

Schon & Hammer: Record Store Day review

Record Store Day was really fun yesterday!  I did go to a new store, called Kiss the Sky records and music in Batavia, IL.  I got a free cupcake when I entered, live music was playing, just an overall cool vibe.  I started out the day in a line outside another store in Downers Grove, IL.  Which was odd for me - because I did not want to buy any "new releases" that day - special records made for and first offered on RSD.   That store seemed dinky.  The line was 50 long, and I was about 45th.  Two guys in front of me told me how cool Kiss the Sky was, where they had just been.  So I bailed on the line and drove right to Batavia.  Kiss the Sk does not have any bargains, really.   I saw used records that I own - priced from $6-10 USD, which were, however, in very good condition - and their staff is very knowledgeable and in all fairness - they hand-price every record.  Not bulk guestimates.  I will definitively go back there!

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