Friday, April 5, 2013

the short-lived GTR...

GTR was a rather short-lived rock band founded in 1985 by former Yes and guitarist Steve Howe and former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.  In comparison to the two leaders' earlier work within progressive rock, GTR's work followed more of an Album Oriented Rock format.  The band was short-lived, lasting for two years and one album. Hackett has subsequently been strongly critical of the project, though not necessarily of the other musicians involved in it.  The band's name came from an abbreviation of "guitar" as used for track labeling in multi-track recording studios.  Based on shaky finances, in 1987 Hackett called a group meeting to “close down the company.”  Hackett then left GTR, stating it had been "interesting for about five minutes", and resumed his solo career.  Later, he would reflect "Yes, we had a firm deal and I could have perhaps done it for life, but frankly, I prefer my albums to be more spontaneous and creatively free.  Not willing to give up on the band, Steve Howe tried to continue GTR with Bacon, Spalding, ex-Saxon drummer Nigel Glockler and a second singer/guitarist – former Hush member Robert Berry.  Post-GTR, Steve Howe would resume his solo career and rejoin the Yes lineup (initially as part of Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe) while Robert Berry would become part of the partial Emerson Lake & Palmer reunion project 3.  Phil Spalding would return to a session career, and Nigel Glockler returned to Saxon.  Max Bacon's 1996 solo album The Higher You Climb included GTR material, and he later sang lead on "Going, Going, Gone" on Howe's 1999 release, Portraits of Bob Dylan.

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