Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the best of bread - volume two...

the best of bread - volume two.  We don't usually post "best of" records here, just a house rule, but here is an exception.   It is a great record cover and the other side of this photo would be the inside cover - that just happens to be the current blog title photo we're using.  Here is a bit more on the band:

   "By 1973, fatigue from constant recording and touring had set in despite the band's success, and personal relationships began to show strain, especially between David Gates and Jimmy Griffin.  All eleven of Bread's charting singles between 1970 and 1973 had been written and sung by Gates.  Elektra Records had invariably selected Gates' songs for the A-sides of the singles, while Griffin felt that the singles should have been split between the two of them.  There was also some dissatisfaction with the songs planned for a sixth album.  Bread decided to disband.  Gates and Griffin returned to their solo careers with mixed results.  The Best of Bread compilation album from 1973 was a huge success, peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and staying on the chart for over two years.  The follow-up, The Best Of Bread, Volume Two, was released in 1974 and went to No. 32.  The reunion of the group in 1976 came about after Elektra Records expressed interest in another Bread album.  Gates, Griffin, Botts and (Larry) Knechtel returned to the studio that year and recorded the album Lost Without Your Love, released in January 1977. The title track, again written and sung by Gates, was the band's last Top 10 hit, peaking at No. 9 on the singles chart. This comeback record reached No. 26 on Billboard's album chart and was Bread's seventh consecutive album (including the two best of's) to be R.I.A.A. certified gold.  In March 1977, Elektra released a second single, "Hooked On You."  It was less successful on the pop chart (peaking at No. 60) but it reached No. 2 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart. The four members of Bread (along with session guitarist Dean Parks) toured throughout 1977 to support their comeback album. After a short break, they commenced the tour's second leg that summer without Griffin, whom Gates failed to invite after further rising tensions.  They ended the year with no further plans to record as a group."

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