Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bryan Ferry: In Your Mind. With a guest comment by Matthew Robertson

This is Bryan Ferry's In Your Mind.  Front and back covers.  During Roxy Music's epic 8-album run in one ten year span from 1972 to 1982, Ferry was oozing material and creativity to the point that besides leading the band, he needed to also put out 5 fabulous solo records during that same time span.  Those solo records of his are:

Background:  In Your Mind is a 1977 album by Bryan Ferry.  It was his fourth solo album and the first consisting entirely of original songs:  the first two (noted above) had been cover albums, the second concluding with an original song, the third a collection of B-side and EP material consisting of cover versions.  As Ferry's first solo all-original LP effort, released while Roxy Music were on a four-year hiatus, it was supported by an extensive solo tour of his.

I teased a comment out of my pal musicologist Matthew by posting a photo I took of this record that I own on Matt's Facebook page.  And of course Matthew immediately commented: "This is a spectacular album.  Still holds up, start to finish. Great musicians surrounding him, the voice never sounded better.

Matt later chimed in with this: Matthew J. Robertson dug up this previously published review: 

    "Sometimes, ladies and gentlemen, there is a song on a record that is so gosh darn good it kind of puts all the other songs to shame. On In Your Mind, it is undoubtedly Love Me Madly Again, seven and a half minutes of pure orchestral perfection.  Oh alright, it also sounds like a Roxy Music song, but I’m no fan-boy – I must have listened to his covers album These Foolish Things far more often than “masterpieces” like Country Life.  Anyway, it has pretty much everything: a growling Ferry spitting out lyrics like “Do ya make savage love when you meet”, a melt-in-the-mouth slide guitar, and a lovely breakdown bit in the middle which is apparently provided to us by Ann Odell (from her website:” the finest jazz music in Surrey”). He even does the quivery voice thing in a few places."

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