Thursday, June 6, 2013

Def Leppard: Hysteria, played live

When we were in Vegas last month I was very sad to have missed the concerts at the Hard Rock Casino  at The Joint venue.  The band was "in Residence" there, and the occasion was a series of concerts over three weeks, playing this iconic and landmark album in it's entirety.  The record of note of course is Hysteria.  It toggles from one down to no lower that four in my all-time Top Five Albums of all time List.  It was a most-seller, and there was no band larger in this sector of the mid to late eighties.   With the 2nd LP - High and Dry, building to the precursor smash LP (3rd overall) - Pyromania in 1983.  And then in 1987 Hysteria.  No band was hotter than Def Leppard during that 7-8 run.  They broke as a band when they were so young that they are still relatively young - touring every summer playing all the songs we know.  And today -they are still touring year after year.  A great band, worthy of the accolades.  Their well-documented setbacks are legendary in the annals of rock.  And to overcome them too, at a large price.  Losing a key guitarist, a drummer's arm?  You can't make that up.

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