Monday, April 23, 2012

it's a Joni Mitchell Monday - Hejira...

Hejira is a 1976 folk/rock/jazz album by Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell. The album title is a transliteration of the Arabic word hijra, which means "journey," referring specifically to the prophet Muhammad's and his followers' escape from Mecca to Medina in 622.  The songs on the album were largely written by Mitchell on a trip by car from Maine back to Los Angeles, California, with prominent imagery including highways, small towns and snow.  The photographs on the front and back cover were taken of Mitchell by Norman Seeff and appear against a backdrop of Lake Mendota, in Madison, Wisconsin, after an ice storm....  Playing with her on this record are Jaco Pastorius, Larry Carlton, Victor Feldman, Tom Scott, Neil Young, and Abe Most.  Not sure who Abe is - but will look him up.  And - if you are keeping score at home - its cover was chosen as the 11th greatest album cover by Rolling Stone in 1991.  Really?

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