Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bob Welch's French Kiss

I pal Mike from down the street where I grew up had this record. Los Angeles-born musician and former member of Fleetwood Mac, Bob Welch joined that band when it lost some of its founding/frontline members: Peter Green and Jeremy Spencer. He had a successful solo career in the late 1970’s. In the mid 70's - Welch formed a band with guys from Jethro Tull and Todd Rundgren's band. French Kiss was released in the fall of 1977, is his first solo album. Mick Fleetwood and Christine McVie play on it. It sold over two million copies, and contains hits like a revised version of "Sentimental Lady" and "Ebony Eyes." For you sound techies - Bob states on his own website that he made the song demos for "French Kiss" using a TASCAM 3340 quarter-inch reel-to-reel tape machine. It was an especially bulky and clunky English "import" version he had bought in London (tape info from Wiki).

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  1. RIP Bob Welch Curtis you nailed it HOF SCREWED UP. I love his fleet wood stuff and his solo work. My heart dropped when I heard the news I just wish someone could have talked him out of it. People please talk to those you love feel their pain so they know they can come to you when things get tough. God Bless you Bob I hope your pain is all better now.


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