Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anthology of the Twelve String Guitar

The back of this record jacket comes right out and says, there is not much out there written about the history of this unique and impressive insturment.  Allow me to use a 3rd party source for more.  Quoting directly from an excellent record source, Village Records in Mission, KS, "This is the legendary 1963 album from the Tradition label. It offers up some of the best instrumentalists in the business showing their stuff on that magical of magical guitars: the twelve string. Where would rock music be without it and its chiming sounds? Those strutting their stuff [on this records] include James [later Roger] McGuinn of Byrds fame, Glen Campbell, jazz great Howard Roberts, Mason Williams, and Joe Maphis. Country super-pickers Bob Gibson, Joe Maphis, Mason Williams of “Classical Gas” fame and Twang legend Billy Strange. You don’t have to be a guitar player to appreciate what’s going on here. You just have to love music.  Click on post's title for a nice clip.

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