Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dual Post: Some Girls and One Girl

Some Girls is my favorite Stones album.  It came out while I was in high school.  (Just my) Imagination is a terrific cover song - a fabulously worked interpreation of what was and is already a great song by the Temptations.  It is so Stones.  Many will say Exile on Mainstreet is their best album and it may just be - but I will go with this one.  In college Mac had a true south side blues band come down from Chicago to play at our all-floor spring 30-kegger and the band did a 20-minute version of Miss You.  The guy who gave the record to me told me the story of the album cover having to be re-worked when some legal action was  threatened by some in the photos used.  Carly Simon's No Secrets is the other record Michael gave to me as a present.  An obvious connection between the records is Mick's uncredited background vocals on You're so Vain.

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