Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rush - a farewell to kings

It would be great to have Canada's most beloved band Rush play at the closing ceremonies Sunday night.  And if they did, Closer to the Heart must be played.  (Don't forget to click on the post title for a link to a fun version of that song from the R30 dvd.)  The lyrics would relate well to what the athletes did for two weeks and the bonds they made with fellow competitors and us fans.  This album also contains my favorite Rush song: Cinderella Man.  Andy, Spencer, and TJ are my Rush-expert pals and they tell me Rush rarely, if ever, play that song live.  I saw Rush from the lawn with Greg and Ron a few summers ago down in Indy.  They were on the tour that had a couple of spinning clothes dryers on the stage during the show.  I do love this band - but oddly, I can't conside rmyself an expert Rush fan.  The only other Rush record I own is Subdivisions.


  1. According to Power Windows Rush fan site (my favorite), "Cinderella Man" was played during one tour - appropriately, the tour for this album.

  2. I wonder if that song is just too hard to replicate live...? Thanks Ang!

  3. I seem to recall that they may have played part of "Cinderella Man" in a medley on a recent tour....Anyway, "A Farewell to Kings" was my first Rush album. I was a soph in college about the time this album came out. We had coed dorms and a woman from a couple of doors down was flipping through my albums and concluded, "You have no albums with women performers!" Well, I thought I would correct that, because I heard this new song by Rush called "Closer to the Heart". I believed it had a female singer, so by purchasing their album I would begin to rectify this deficiency in my collection.

    Later, I bought the album at Korvette's and after opening the album, I saw my error. But listening to the album totally blew me away. At the end of side one, my mom called me up dinner. Never did I eat so fast! While still wolfing food I garbled, "May, I be excused?" Before the answer's echoes in the kitchen eating area had subsided, I was on my way to the stereo for side 2!


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