Sunday, February 7, 2010

Flesh + Blood = Roxy Music

Record covers and cover songs.  Using a photo editing program, I merged two separate photos of the front and back covers this Roxy Music album; Flesh + Blood.  I first heard this record in my college pal Larry's room.  He sure could pick records (Making Movies, Pirates, etc.)  It contains cover songs of two classic songs.  1. Wilson Pickett's and Steve Cropper's In the Midnight Hour.  And on side two, The Byrds' (hey Laurel Canyon!) Eight Miles High.  Click on post tile for music clip.  This is Roxy's most listen-able record, from a mainstream perspective.  I won't try to review Roxy Music, the group; I'd be too far out over my skis.  Like most guys my age, college was were we explored all things Roxy and their various off-shoots: Eno, Fripp el al.

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