Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jeff Beck - Les Paul Tribute at the Grammy's

Jeff Beck performed in honor of the passing last year of Les Paul at the Grammy's award show this past Sunday. Beck and his band performed Les Paul's How High the Moon, with vocalist Imelda May.  Jeff Beck was a tremendous and perfect choice to give this poignant Les Paul tribute on the Grammy's show. You can see and hear a YouTube clip of the performance if you click on this post's title, above.  When I do consider the Gibson Les Paul guitar, Jeff Beck is not the first guitarist I think of  as the most well-known for playing that brand of guitar.  Most photos and videos I've seen of Jeff Beck show him playing a Fender Stratocaster, but that's OK.  As for the records shown, here are the two Jeff Beck records I own, his best two I'd say.  They are 1976's Wired, (right) produced by Sir George Martin, MBE.  And on the left is Blow by Blow, from 1974, which contains Freeway Jam.  The cable TV station Palladium is showing a great Jeff Beck concert video, called "Jeff Beck, Performing This Week...Live at Ronnie Scotts."

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