Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Cryan' Shames - Sugar & Spice

I recall seeing the Cryan' Shames play at a 4th of July outdoor picnic/cookout party at my grandmother's country club.  It's must have been in the late '60's and I would have been 8 or 9 years old.  The band was set up outside behind the clubhouse, near the river - where the noise would not disturb the "adults."  A local (Berwyn, IL?) band by the name The Second Story was the opening act.  I think my brother was old enough to "buy" the 45 of Sugar & Spice (Ben Franklin's Almanac as B side).  I just bought this LP today at an estate sale a block from my house.  With the warmer weather, we are getting very close to Garage Sale Season, and I am getting Vinyl Fever.  On the back of the record, there is a list of the band numbers, with their nicknames, and ages.


  1. WOW Nice find, one of my favorite LPs from the era! And happy hunting this spring!

    your friend in vinyl,

    Robert Benson

  2. hi Robert - thanks! The other record from the estate sale was Leslie Gore! With so many garage bands cropping up in the late '60's, there's likely no way to find out about The Second Story, right?

    ~ Curtis


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