Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bon Jovi - debut record

Bon Jovi - their debut album, on Mercury, from 1984.   When I think of all-time great "debut records" - this one is right at the top of the list.  I listened to all nine songs yeterday and today - while driving to Jules' farm Saturday morning.  Nine songs and not a clunker on it.  I am posting this record for two reasons.  One, it warrants a post, it's that great of a reocord.  And two, my wife is seeing Bon Jovi this evening with her girlfriend, Audrey in Florida.  Aldo Nova has a cameo on the record, along with my all-time great keyboardist/rock pianist, Mr. Roy Bittan, on the smash hit Runaway.  Recently I peeked to see what is on the set list for the Bon Jovi concerts on this tour and sad to say, this album does not get the respect it so rightly deserves.  Mega monster album Slippery When Wet was not their follow-up record, that was 7800° Fahrenheit - which I also have on vinyl.  They should really play 5 or 6 six songs from this record, like "Roulette", "Shot Through the Heart," and "Get Ready."  I hope the show is great!


  1. Bon Jovi has been playing Runaway at their concerts for years. I think they are actually cutting back on that song this tour to make room for some older songs they haven't played for years. The fans asked them to play the more obscure songs and they are going to play different ones as the tour goes on. They did play Only Lonely a few weeks ago and I may have read they played Tokyo Road too. There will be more in future shows. Roulette and Burning For Love would make me happy. Hope your wife had fun!

  2. They almost have to play Runaway - it was their breakthrough song. They could throw darts at the other 8 tunes on this record and play any of them.


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