Sunday, May 16, 2010

Garage Sale Report: hit or miss: Chess and Sun

There were tons of garage sales in my neighbor-
hood yesterday.  Problem was, I could not get to them at a decent (9-10am) time.  Based on another commitment, I could only get to a few, and at the late-ish time of 12 noon.  The first sale I hit was a huge disappointment.  The lady said "all the vinyl went early."  Argh.  The next one was good - two large boxes of LP's.  A few years ago - I would have made an offer for the whole lot.  It had too many opera and show tune records for my taste, but I picked out about 25 LP's.  A sale across the street had only 45's and I bought the whole stack.  In it were my first-ever Sun and Chess records.  I feel like a true collector now that I have those two.   Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry, respectively.

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