Monday, May 17, 2010

One Ton of Mayo - or words to that effect: The Sandpipers

As we found out down in Baja California Sur a couple years ago - this "Mexican" folk song is actualy Cuban.
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of recorded versions of this song.  And, the way The Sandpipers do it - is not one of the good ones.  To stilted and slow.  It has to be the all-time most requested song in all of mariachi band genre.  It means - the girl from Guantanemo.  The music for the song is attributed (wiki) to Joseíto Fernández, who wrote it at various dates (circa 1929) and who used it regularly in one of his radio programs.  The lyrics portray a particular woman from Guantánamo, with whom he had a romantic relationship, and who - if the lyrics are accurate, eventually left him.  I do love this song - in all its versions, but most especially played live, table-side, by request, with cold beers and limes.

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