Friday, June 18, 2010

Ellington & Armstrong to Chic? = Jon Faddis

As I filled up my 4 backyard hummingbird feeders with fresh red juice (it gets stale after a week) down in the basement I put a record on while cleaning the feeders and mixing and pouring the new juice.  I picked this record.  When done with the feeders, I glaced at the back of the jacket and saw Jon Faddis credited on trumpet.  We saw Jon play recently, as artistic director of the Chicago Jazz Ensemble.  Faddis began playing trumpet at age eight, inspired by Louis Armstrong.  He met Dizzy Gillespie at 15. And at 18, joined Lionel Hampton's big band.  The CJE did a one-off show of Chicago tunes by Ellington and Armstrong.  [See January 16, 2010 post.]  This record, C'est Chic is the second studio album by Chic, from 1978, containing the classic hit "Le Freak.  If you think Chic is too disco, founders Nile Rodgers and bassist Bernard Edwards are rock royalty.  When Led Zeppelin played live the first time following Bonzo's death (a LiveAid I), Chic drummer Tony Thompson filled the un-fillable drum spot.  When Mick Jagger released his '80's solo record - Nile Rodgers produced it.  Faddis was borning in 1953, so when he played on this record, he was 25.  When asked to name my all-time favorite bass player, it's Bernard Edwards.

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