Sunday, September 5, 2010

Santana - Inner Secrets (photomerg)

This is Santana's ninth studio record - Inner Secrets.  He was moving from the Latin funk fusion phase into more album-oriented rock.  Open Invitation is my favorite song on it.  But of course - there is a great cover of Buddy Holly's Well All Right.   (I saw Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood play that song earlier this summer - aka Blind Faith.)  And the song "Dealer/Spanish Rose" was co-written by Jim Capaldi and Carlos Santana.  I picked this record because it gave me another chance to use photomerg.  The above picture is the front (left) and back (right) cover.  It's not a gatefold record - so photomerg is the only way to see how how the entire record looks.  Hope you like it.  We see Carlos in the middle - but can anyone ID the others in the photo for me?  Thanks...

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  1. I like your photomerge of the front and back cover. Is there any way to post a higher resolution image, or perhaps email it to me? I can't find appropriate images to try my own photomerge - just got Photoshop Elements which has that feature. Thanks from a long time Santana fan!


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