Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cal Jam II: not a very good double live album

California Jam 2.  California Jam II, known also as Cal Jam II, was a late early seventies music festival in Ontario, CA held at the Ontario Motor Speedway on March 18, 1978.  Approx. 300,000 people attended. The festival was a sequel to the original California Jam (Eagles et al.) of 1974.  By all accounts - this was no Woodstock.  I am not sure if this is the order in which the bands came on stage, but side one is: Santana and Dave Mason.  Side two: Heart and Ted Nugent.  Each act with just two songs on the album (not sure how long set list was live).  Then side 3 is Areosmith with 3 songs (Same Old Song and Dance, Draw the Line, and Chip Away the Stone).  And then some dude called Jean Michel Jarre playing something called Oxygène.  Huh?  Side 4 is Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush.  Also playing the gig was a band called Foreigner, but they did not make it onto the album.  I sampled the songs on this album, and as "live" recordings go - these are not great.  Each act has a live album of their own with much better recordings (Double Live Gonzo et al).  Let's file this one away under: Looks better than it Sounds.  Click on post title for a video clip of "Making of..."


  1. I attended the Cal Jam 2 festival in 1978. The mixing and production was poor in person. The transfer to vinyl didn't have much chance. If I had judged Aerosmith by this performance, I might never have wanted to hear them again. Fortunately, I saw them again at the CaliFFornia World Music Festival in 1979 (2 day L.A. Coliseum event). That was a great show and experience - Headlined by Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Ted Nugent, and Van Halen.

  2. Dumbass, I was there, great time.
    Please go play your mp3 of rap music and leave good music to folks who get it...


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