Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fleetwood Mac - Penguins

Another incarnation of Fleetwood Mac.  My very dear friend Mike D., is an expert on this band.  Everyone knows Rumors and the massive world-wide appeal of THAT Fleetwood Mac, but what about the other versions of this groups?  I own Trees and Kiln House.  This one is called Penguin it is the group's seventh seventh album - from 1973.  This is the first Mac album to have Bob Weston (who?) on it and also the only one to feature Dave Walker.  The penguin is the band mascot favored by John McVie.  Bob Welch plays on it and Mac founder Peter Green chips in with an uncredited guitar solo somewhere.  Ah - finally - something to comment on that connects it to rock royalty.  I read that it was recorded somewhere in Hampshire using the famous Rolling Stones' Mobile Recording Studio.  No offense - but in just two short years one Mr. Buckingham and Ms. Nicks basically bailed this group out.   By this point, with this line-up, I think they had stagnated.

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