Monday, July 11, 2011

Canned Heat: My "They Played at Woodstock List" is Nearly Complete

Canned Heat - their song, Going Up the Country, to me, and likely also to many others who were also NOT at Woodstock, is the quintessential Woodstock theme song.  And with so many great songs by so many artists - that's quite an achievement.  Maybe that is because during the movie - during the song, we see happy fest-goers swimming and having a great time - and then cut to the stage.  The sound quality is ragged, but serviceable.  This record also helps to round out my collection of Vinyl Records by Acts who Played at Woodstock.  Side note - I am still looking for records by Quill and The Keef Hartley Band, and a few others.  This record, shown above, is called Living the Blues, a two record "double" album - quite rare in those days, 1968.  The DLA had not been "born" yet.  It is the third album by Canned Heat.  These guys must have been one of the original jam bands.  Disc two has just 2 songs on it.  The 20 minute medley called Parthenogenesis and the other side has just the one song - called Refried Boogie, also at 20 minutes, which when they played Woodstock was re-worked (and renamed) as Woodstock Boogie.

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