Monday, October 17, 2011

Davadip Carlos Santana - Well, Alright!

While rearranging my album bins recently (to make room for more!) the two crates that hold all my S's popped up in a new location.  And that letter group starts off with Santana up front - for good reason.  On the left is the back cover of his record, Festival.  And on the right side is the back cover of his eponymously titled debut, and debut album.  That one has the song that put him on that map - it is called Soul Sacrifice.  I have read many sources and books on Woodstock - and have viewed the concert film dozens of time.  On that authority, and prevailing wisdom, Santana's performance of Soul Sacrifice - at that moment of the entire the 3.5 days of the Woodstock festival, was the event's pinnacle.  The recorded sound quality, the cooperating weather, the camera angles, the band being so into the moment - it must have been pure magic.  Go back and listen to that.  Carlos also does a killer cover of a cover.  Many acts (Blind Faith, Dave Mason) have done Buddy Holly's Well Alright, from his album Inner Secrets.  I think Santana's is the best of the lot.  And as for late-seventies "rockin' out," as we used to say - try the tune called All I Ever Wanted off the album called Marathon - click on this post's tile to see and hear it.

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  1. I agree about the Woodstock performance of "Soul Sacrifice". When I saw the movie in the late 1970's I was totally drawn in by that performance!


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