Friday, October 14, 2011

Rufus and Chaka Khan...please, anyone - tell me something good

This is the 2nd record by Rufus and Chaka Khan.  I have a good half dozen of their albums.  Some of you have asked how I categorize my albums.  First off - they are in two areas of the basement.  I have 12-15 boxes of doubles that I hope to sell next month at the Chicagoland Record Collectors Show.  Approx. 50 in a box.  I have 30 crates out on display, ready to be played over in the rumpus room (fka my woodworking shop).  Two special crates right next to the turn-tables are chock full of what I call soul, R&B, and disco records.  Those records get some heavy rotation when friends come over.  They are within reach of the turntables for good reason.  My Rufus and Chaka Khan records are right there.  Rufus is a pioneering funk and jazz fusion band from Chicago.  This record has my favorite song they do - Tell Me Something Good.  I looked up this about how they go their start - In 1967, a band called The American Breed had a top ten hit with the classic rock single, "Bend Me, Shape Me".  After this success, members Kevin MurphyAl Ciner and Lee Graziano were forced to create a new group after several members left the group. Recruiting Vern Pilder and Chuck Colbert from the bar band Circus, the group re-emerged in 1969 under the name Smoke. In 1970, female vocalist Paulette McWilliams and musician James Stella were added and the group's name changed again to Ask Rufus. Willie Weeks would replace Vern Pilder after the name change. In 1971, the band signed a contract with Epic Records recording an album that wasn't released. Weeks was replaced by Dennis Belfield. In early 1972, Epic dropped their contract. Former American Breed drummer Andre Fischer returned to his former band mates replacing Lee Graziano while McWilliams hired talented eighteen-year-old vocalist Chaka Khan (née Yvette Stevens) to replace her. James Stella was replaced by Ron Stockert. With that change, the group's name became Rufus, its music guided by Stockert, while Khan became the group's co-leading vocalist.

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