Friday, October 14, 2011

The Guess Who - with Burton Cummings

If you are going to have just one record by The Guess Who - this would be the album.  Go ahead and stack these guys up against any of the other great Canadian bands - don't laugh, they could be the best of that group. Or from any country, for that matter.  The Guess Who - a Canadian rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Winnipeg also is back in the NHL after a few decades.  How could Atlanta and Phoenix have NHL teams, and not Winnipeg?  The Cortwright brothers can explain that to me.  Oh well.  This band gained a strong following, in their native country and later broke out with far-reaching success from the late 1960s through the mid-1970s with some major hits like No Time. American Woman, These Eyes, and Share the Land.  Burton Cummings went on to solo success and of course Randy Bachman started some other band, the name escapes me But That's Only a joke.  Highly underrated - I will look and see if TGW are in the RNR HOF.  I bet they are not - but should be.

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  1. Indeed, The Guess Who was a great hit-machine with many great songs. I once (well more than once) snuck into my sister's room and found a written page of her reaction to seeing TGW at, I think, one of the Chicago-area horse racing tracks. Her effusion amazed me!
    With Atlanta moving to Winnipeg, now we have to wonder about PHX who has move somewhere and now Dallas Stars and Columbus Blue Jackets have been getting <10,000/home game. The NHL needs to move several teams.....the NBA is watching this and that is why the owners, I think, are holding the line so far....


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