Sunday, October 9, 2011

Volunteers; Dateline Paz - Jefferson Airplane - what the heck?

Volunteers.  Dateline Paz.  Right there on the front cover (above) it reads below the photo, "Jefferson Airplane.  Jefferson Airplane as they appeared at the exciting Paz Chin-In held this weekend in Paz South Dakota.  After this picture was snapped, the group donned jocular facial things and mingled with the crowd on hand, estimated by reliable sources at four billion."  And - Jefferson Airplane played at Woodstock!  
And below is arguably Maybe the best inside gate fold photo of an inside record cover.  This might be a rare record.  Let me know.

I also just found this out too:  This was the Plane's 6th album - and it was made in San Francisco using Wally Heider's then state-of-the-art 16 track studio.  Those playing on it as guest were Jerry Garcia, the great Nicky Hopkins, future Airplane drummer Joey Covington, David Crosby, and Stephen Stills.  It was one of the first-even albums made on a 16-track recording device.  Top photo shows a picture of the MM-1000 professional 16-track tape recorder by Ampex.   On his Live Bullet record, during Heavy Music - Bob Seger implores, "Alright people.  We got the 16-track tape machine rolling out back.  If you sing with me just a little bit - I won't guarantee it, but if you sing with me - you just might end up on an album."

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  1. JB I should use Dylan's John Wesley Harding as my album in art design and music. Thanks for posting Curtis!!


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