Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Heaven 17 - How Men Are...More H's from the Eighties...

I've been browsing in my crate of records in the H bin.  Human League, Haircut 100, and now Heaven 17.  This is Heaven 17 - How Men Are.   I checked out some of their youtube clips and I must cut this group some slack.  I don't think they created anything that new in the eighties, but they certainly captured the essence of the decade.  I prefer Simple Minds.  This is technopop at it's zenith.  And I certainly also love this band if for nothing else than the fact that they hail from from Sheffield, my  favorite city in England.   I love Sheffield for having produced Def Leppard, the wonderful tools made by Record, such as vises and chisels, plus Joe Cocker, the story of The Full Monty, race car driver Justin Wilson, Paul Carrack, and the Arctic Monkeys.  But I've never been there.  H17 was formed from the remnants of the Human League.  And I just read that H17 borrowed the Phenix (sic) Horns from Earth Wind & Fire on a few songs on this album.

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