Friday, December 2, 2011

The Raspberries - Go All the Way...

I should know more about Eric Carmen, and the Raspberries, but I don't.  He did that saccharine ballad you surely called All by Myself.   You might also remember the pop hit from 1977 called, She Did It.  He also scored a hit called Never Gonna Fall in Love Again.  And of course Hungry Eyes from the Dirty Dancing movie soundtrack.  But me - I will take Go All the Way, from when he was in the Raspberries.  The record above is only their greatest hits - it's not the record album where Go All the Way first appeared.  That one (I don't own) - but in the video clip of the Raspberries doing Go All the Way on the Mike Douglas Show, Douglas - when introducing the band holds up the album called Side 3, on which Go All they Way DOES NOT appear!  C'mon Mike.

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