Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sweet Judy Blue Eyes - Judy Collins

Let's now officially move Judy Collins up in the grand rankings.  Per me.  I read recently that she has her autobiography out.  It could be a great read.  I might try it.  Reading a book review in USA Today, I learned that she was once Stephen Stills' girlfriend.  And that she herself is the Judy in Suite: Judy Blues Eyes.  How did I not know that?  This is her 1970 album titled Whales and Nightingales.  The album includes works by Dylan, Pete Seeger, and Joan Baez.  Her version of the traditional "Farewell to Tarwathie", Collins sings accompanied by humpback whales.  Nice!

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  1. Of the 6 gazillion things you know, I, too, was surprised you weren't on top of that connection! Virtually every post of yours I learn sumthin'!


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