Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Led Zeppelin IV - the 40th Anniversary: November 8, 1971, often called Zoso

November 8, 1971.  Forty years ago today this album was unleashed.

Black Dog.  Rock and Roll. The Battle of Evermore.  Stairway to Heaven.
Misty Mountain Hop.  Four Sticks.  Going to California.  When the Levee Breaks.


  1. Speaking of "Stairway to Heaven".....when Andy worked maintenance one year at Camp Miniwanca (camp of Ritch and Brad {and me}), Cabin D7 was at the top of steep wooded dune. It had an eroding trail leading up to it, so he and two others were assigned to build a railroad tie winding stairway up there. Some 56 ties later (heavy hoisting up a dune!) they had a secure trail done, which was immortalized by a sign reading, "Stairway to Seven"!

  2. Just for the record ..I hate when people call it "Zoso". This is not directed to you Cutis but just in general. Led Zeppelin IV (four) or four symbols is much better. I sometimes here the title "ruines" but only in books never heard anyone call it "ruines"....just my 2 cents ...thanks for the blog :)



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