Sunday, December 18, 2011

Black Sabbath - the birth of heavy metal

This is their eponymous debut album.  I really have no business commenting and on Black Sabbath here on this little hobby blog.  I just don't know enough to add anything here.  They are revered as rock legends.  And most experts count this group among the forefathers of heavy metal.  But this is an awesome album cover.  This record also represents this rare triple play:  The band's name, their debut album, and first song on their first record all have the same name.  There is only one other band that I know of that can also say that.  The song here I really like is called The Wizard.  And according to wiki, this - their eponymous debut album:  "Black Sabbath is the debut studio album by English heavy metal band Black Sabbath.  Released in 13 February 1970 in the UK, and in June 1970 in the US, this album reached number eight on the UK Albums Chart and has been recognized as the first album to be credited with the development of the heavy metal genre."  It was recorded at the famed Trident Studios, which is my second favorite recording studio in England, after Olympic.  In March 1968 Manfred Mann recorded Trident's very first number one at the studio, the single "My Name's Jack", launching Trident as a top professional studio.  During the early 70s, some of the most reputed artists used the studios for their recordings, including Black SabbathElton JohnMarc Bolan/T.RexCarly SimonFrank Zappa, The Rolling Stones,Free, The Plastic Ono BandLindisfarne , Dusty Springfield, The Mahavishnu OrchestraKrismaJeff Beck/Rod Stewart and Joan Armatrading, (with Pam Nestor).


  1. Is "Bad Company" the other Triple Play?

  2. Yes, it sure is!!!! Nice going, faithful reader! Thanks...

  3. Do you see WTC7 between the tree and the farmhouse? Under the Down Arrow?


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