Thursday, December 15, 2011

Con Funk Shun - Burnin' Love and Spirit of Love

Con Funk Shun...not the most well-know of the funk-style horn bands.  This is not at all meant as a put-down, but to me they are sort of Earth Wind & Fire-lite.  A big, bright horn section carries their songs.  Besides this one (Burning Love), and I also own Spirit of Love - which has a catchy title track. Click on this post's title to sample that song.  And - I read this about their background:  "The band was formed by a pair of high school students in Vallejo, California, drummer Louis A. McCall Sr. and singer/guitarist Michael Cooper. The two got their start as a backup group for the Soul Children under the name Project Soul.  They began working with Stax Records staff songwriters, and while recording at Audio Dimensions, a Memphis, sound studio, producer Ted Sturges both named the group (after an instrumental recording by The Nite-Liters) and produced their first album, called Organized Con Funk Shun.  In 1976, Con Funk Shun signed to Mercury Records, releasing eleven albums in ten years.  The group's 1977 LP, Secrets, was certified gold in the US, as were 1978's Loveshine, 1979's Candy, and 1980's Spirit of Love.  They scored a string of top ten hits on the US Billboard black singles chart, including 1977's "Ffun" (#1), 1978's "Shake and Dance with Me" (#5), 1979's "Chase Me" (#4), 1980s "Got to Be Enough" (#8), and "Too Tight" (#8).  Some tensions from within the group built over the 1980s, and the group's last album, Burning Love, (above) was recorded without songwriter and vocalist Felton Pilate. After leaving Mercury, the band broke up in 1986, but some members of the group reunited alongside touring musicians for concerts in the 1990s."

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