Friday, January 27, 2012

Spooky Tooth - the last puff

the last puff...Spooky Tooth.  Spooky Tooth can trace their roots back a version of Free, and they are in the entry titled Good & Bad Company in Pete Frame's great rock band guide book, called Rock Family Trees.  Spook Tooth has 6 iterations, the last and final one has Gary Wright, Mick Jones, Bryson Graham, Mike Patto, and Val Moore in it.  And you can see how that flows into Foreigner.  Above Foreigner in this groupings Rock Family Tree is Mott the Hoople.  It's very complex to explain how his book is laid out (but go get the book - it's awesome!), so I don't use it much here for postings.  Back to this record - the last puff, the first track here is a cover of the Beatles' I am the Walrus.  And the great and ubiquitous Chris Stainton plays bass guitar, piano, guitar, and organ here.  Plus, the record was produced by Stainton, and Chris Blackwell.  It was recorded at Island Studios, London - remixed by Glyn Johns.  Also, The Last Puff is actually credited to "Spooky Tooth Featuring Mike Harrison."  The band broke up shortly after the album's release, reforming two years later.

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