Thursday, January 26, 2012

David Crosby - you are a mensch...

David, - really?  If I Could Only Remember My Name  - his debut solo record, released in February 1971 on Atlantic Records.  Four high-profile albums were released by each member of CSNY right after Deja Vu.  The album gained new recognition in 2010 when it was listed second on the Vatican's "Top 10 Pop Albums of All Time" as published in the official newspaper of the Holy See, L'Osservatore Romano.  And these are some of the cast of characters we are reading about in The Last Sultan, a terrific biography of Ahmet Ertegun.  So, if you are scoring at home, here they are: Side one, from upper left: Graham, Neil, Phil Lesh, Bill Krevtzmann, David Frieberg, Mickey Hart, Heny Diltz, Paul Kantner, Santana drummer Michael Shrieve, who's performance on Soul Sacrafice captured on the Woodstock film is often credited as the event's finest, certainly the fest's youngest performer, then on to Himself, Laura Allen (not the soap opera actress), Jerry Garcia, and Jack Cassiday.  On the right side:  Jorma Kaukonen, (a founding member of Jefferson Airplane), and Grace Slick, Gregg Rolie (Santana and later Journey), Joni, Gary Burden, Stephen, Barncard, (record producer and sound engineer, he produced this record), Robert Hammer, David Geffen, Ronald Stone (likely of Greene and Stone), (Woodstock financier) Elliott Roberts (nee Rabinowitz), himself - David Crosby.

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