Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Buddy Rich - the Roar of '74...

Buddy Rich - the Roar of '74...this record is HC, as the say in the French bike race.  That abbreviation stands for Hors catégorie, a French term to designate something (usually a climb) that is "beyond categorization." This record and especially the awesome front and back covers are just that - HC.  The Roar of '74 is a 1973 studio album by the Buddy Rich big band, released on the Groove Merchant Records label in the USA. The album was released in the UK in 1974 on the Mooncrest label by B & C Records.  There are tons of jazz (likely) greats who play on this record - in his Big Band, the only one I recognize is the great bass player, Tony Levin.


  1. Neil Peart of Rush is a HUGE Buddy Rich fan. A while back he did a cd in tribute to Buddy Rich called "Burning for Buddy". It seems that over time one can hear more Buddy in Peart's drumming.

  2. was vaguely aware of that...don't forget Gene Krupa too...


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