Friday, February 10, 2012

Miles Davis - Tutu...

Miles Davis - Tutu...I finally own a Miles Davis album.  Not that I will play it, it's more for saying I have it, than for actually playing it.  Like some clothes I still own.  My god, is there a more haunting album cover?  His stare on the right (front cover) follows you.  I can't think of any words other than cosmic messenger of genius to describe this guy.  I probably don't care all that much for his music, but I totally GET that it remains groundbreaking and influential today.  This is a good post for a dreary Friday I suppose. Cover photos by the great Irving Penn.  George Duke plays on this album, name for Desmond Tutu, as does the great Brazilian percussionist, Paulinho da Costa.  It was produced by Marcus Miller, and although I can't find it in the liner notes, but I am guessing it was recorded at Columbia 30th Street Studio, aka - The Church, where Miles made many other records.

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