Sunday, March 11, 2012

David Bowie - Young Americans, a plausibly "live" single-record studio album

David Bowie - Young Americans.  This will likely be a little too much inside baseball, but my sophomore year in college, I lived in a dorm called Walker Hall, which had 4 floors, divided by a main lobby, and the cafeteria - with north and south running hallways.  It was a dump, but as I like to say, it was our dump.  It holds sway as a magical place in my heart and memory.  I lived on the floor called "Two South."  Each floor had nicknames, like team names, mainly for our intra-dorm sports competitions.  The FUBARS lived on 4 South, and 3-South was referred to as the Sweet City, etc.  On Two-South, we inherited the nickname The Americans, and the title track of this album was out dorm floor theme song.  On the title track, David Sanborn does the sax solo.  This was recorded mostly at Sigma Sound Studios.  Begun in August 1974, during breaks in Bowie’s Diamond Dogs tour, this record was recorded by producer Tony Visconti primarily at Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia.  Apparently. much of it was recorded "live in the studio," with the full band playing together, including Bowie’s vocals, as a single continuous take for each song.  According to Visconti, the album contains “… about 85% ‘live’ David Bowie.”

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